• Schreibtisch elektrisch höhenverstellbar
    Schreibtisch elektrisch höhenverstellbar

Stand-Sit Solutions

Winkelkombination elektrisch höhenverstellbar
Winkelkombination elektrisch höhenverstellbar


The change between standing and sitting promotes concentration and is healthy for body and soul. Exercise increases emotional well-being and reduces back problems and sick days.

HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE TABLE_ Ergonomics in the office is an important success factor. A change of position has a positive effect on our health and can also be realized during work by standing desks or height-adjustable tables.

Our table can be electrically adjusted to the correct seat height or, if necessary, also be used as a standing desk.

The control can be extended with a memory function, with the help of which three arbitrary settings can be stored. The elaborate guidance of the telescopic tubes allows a quiet, rapid height adjustment. The variants of the plates can also be adapted to all models.