• LinieM Winkelkombination mit Lowboard
    LinieM Winkelkombination mit Lowboard


The manufactory

[Following its Latin root, the word Manufaktur stands for hand-mad. Customers associate with this term mostly custom-made products.]

We carry the term manufactory by tradition. Still the same principles apply in our carpentry business as in the founding period of 1930. Highly specialized and qualified persons plan, develop and produce individual office solutions for the high demands of the executive floor. With creativity and intuition they create a pleasant ambience with a high quality of stay. Due to the independence of suppliers also individual space requirements can be realized. In addition, we have developed ourselves into a veneer specialist over the decades . Veneers transform furniture into unique pieces of jewelry and give them a natural character.

Only the best certified woods are used, which deserve professional and careful processing. With great know-how and resource-saving processes, we manufacture furniture that meets all design and functionality requirements.

However, manufactory also stands at Müller for the people involved in the planning and production process. They understand themselves as service provider who act in the sense of the customer. It also means that our distributors get the tools they need for optimal advice.